Ep. 27 – ​​From Side Hustle to Main Hustle with Colleen from Ride Proud Clothing

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Yes, eCommerce may seem like it’s all the rage—especially with the pandemic and lockdowns—but success won’t come until you have a good product and are prepared to put in the work.

In today’s episode, we talk with Colleen Jackson from Ride Proud Clothing. She joined the very first round of Ignitor three years ago, and since then, her business has doubled in revenue and even found success in other countries.

Colleen reveals what her business was like at the beginning and the steps she took to grow it. She also offers advice based on what she has learned from her own experiences from running an online clothing store.

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  1. About Ride Proud Clothing and how it started [01:48]
    1. On quitting her job [02:32]
    2. What her business was like at the start [04:15]
  2. You need to do the work and you need to know what work to do [06:55]
  3. How the Ignitor program helped Colleen with her marketing plan [08:05]
    1. You need to have a good product [09:45]
    2. Figure out who your target audience is [09:58]
    3. Set up your website so that it’s ready for traffic and conversion [11:15]
  4. What Ride Proud Clothing is like now [11:50]
  5. The challenges of opening your store to overseas markets [12:52]
  6. Colleen’s advice for other startups:
    1. Invest in help early on [15:15]
    2. Treat your customers the way you want to be treated [15:55]
  7. The importance of digital marketing, getting your community around your product, and building trust [19:42]


Colleen Jackson is the founder and CEO of Ride Proud Clothing, an equestrian clothing brand that specializes in bootleg horse riding pants for mature women. Her business has been named in the top 5 best riding jeans by Globetrotting, a travel agency devoted to horse riding holidays and unique cultural horse experiences around the world.




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