Ep. 24 – 10 Metrics to Track and Measure


You can’t measure what you don’t track, but with so many metrics available, should you actually be tracking all of them?

If not, which ones should you focus on?

Data is power, and in this episode, we’re going to share the 10 key metrics you need to track and measure to make sure your business is doing as well as you think! We talk about looking at your customer’s entire purchase journey, conversion rates, and so much more!

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Episode Highlights

  1. Knowledge (data) is power [01:13]
  2. Just because you can track a lot, doesn’t mean you should [02:19]
  3. Make website changes based on the data, not personal preference [03:51]
  4. Look at your customer’s entire purchase journey [05:08]
  5. Metric 1: Total Sessions [06:48]
  6. Metric 2: Percentage of new versus returning visitors [07:35]
  7. Metric 3: Cart abandonment rate [08:08]
  8. Metric 4: Customer acquisition cost [09:10]
  9. Metric 5: Repeat purchase rate [09:27]
  10. Metric 6: Opt-in conversion rate [10:50]
  11. Metric 7: Sales conversion rate [12:01]
  12. Metric 8: Average order value [13:41]
  13. Metric 9: Gross profit margin [15:21]
  14. Metric 10: Total revenue [17:42]
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About Karyn Parkinson

Karyn (“with a Y!”) is an eCommerce marketing specialist with a knack for high-converting Facebook ad funnels and website optimisation. Through her eCommerce marketing agency and on-the-pulse training programs, Karyn’s helped hundreds of eCommerce store owners across the globe boost profits, generate more revenue, and achieve an ad-spend ROI of their dreams.