Ep. 17 – The Best Product Description


Have you ever come across a product with such an amazing description that you felt the need to purchase it right then and there?

In today’s episode, we’re sharing with you what could be the best product description we’ve ever seen. We also tell you what makes this particular one so good and how you can use the formula it follows to create product descriptions that are going to help you sell more on your online store.

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Examples of the best product descriptions

Episode Highlights

  1. Possibly the best product description we’ve ever seen [01:05]
  2. Great images go hand-in-hand with a great product description [04:50]
    1. A memorable ad evokes emotion [06:15]
  3. Another example of a great product description [06:50]
  4. Tip 1: Avoid being too fancy or too professional: write like you talk [08:24]
  5. Tip 2: Identify your customers’ pain points [09:25]
  6. Tip 3: Use humour and wit in your brand’s voice [11:57]
  7. Ask yourself these questions when writing product descriptions [14:22]
eCommerce Facebook ad challenge

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