How to prepare your eCommerce business for February 2020

Let’s take a look at how to prepare your eCommerce business for February.

Preparing for February seems crazy, I’m still coming to terms with the fact we’re in January already!

As we start to get over the festive season hangover and move towards making our goals for 2020, January is coming to an end and it’s time to prepare for February.

As a small business owner, sharing content is the perfect opportunity to contribute to conversations, express your brand values and inject personality into your narrative.

If you’ve followed Megan and I for a while you would know we don’t often sit on the fence about things. We attend climate rallies and post about it online, if people don’t like that they are not our people. 

Don’t not post what you believe for fear of offending people – if you do, they are not your ideal audience. My only exception to this rule is religion – this is a very personal thing and unless your business is based around a religion this is something I would keep off your business social media. 

With that in mind let’s take a look at what’s on in February 2020 and how you can incorporate these special days into your content calendar.


What’s on in February 2020:

02 Super Bowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday is a huge sporting event in America, although this is not an Australian event it is known worldwide, not only for the sporting competition but also the half time ads. Large companies spend millions creating special ads and playing them during half time both at the ground and during TV streaming.

The Super Bowl ads are probably the most prestigious ads each year as each company aims to outdo the next.

This may not be relevant to you but do yourself a favour and watch the ads for a good laugh and some ad ideas.

Suggested posts: 

  • Ask your audience what their favourite super bowl ad was
  • Tell your audience what your dream Superbowl ad would be for your business
  • Ask your audience what they think your Superbowl ad would look like
  • If your audience is in America you could run posts around what they are doing on Superbowl Sunday, if they are watching the game etc.
  • We don’t spend money on big flashy super bowl ads, what we do is…. <your amazing business features here>

04 World Cancer Day

There are many cancer awareness months and days throughout the year, however, World Cancer Day is an international day to raise awareness of all cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. 

If you have a personal connection to cancer or your business is in some way involved with a cancer product or supporting a cancer charity today would be a good day to acknowledge it.

05 World Nutella Day

If your business involves food products consider making something with Nutella to tie into World Nutella Day. 

Or alternatively if you’re business is against Nutella due to it’s palm oil use then this is a chance to mention it. 

If you just want to encourage some engagement you could run a poll on your page to see if your audience is for or against Nutella.

You don’t have to post about something if it doesn’t sit right with you and your business values. Use the opportunity to be authentically you and share your thoughts and opinions – in line with your business.

14 Valentine’s Day

Oh Valentine’s Day, the day of love. The day we wish we had a partner for when we are single, and forget all about when we’re married! 

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity if you sell potential gifts.

Suggested Posts:

  • Promote last-minute gift ideas
  • Showcase products you Love
  • Show love for your community
  • Encourage people to spoil themselves this Valentines Day and provide a special offer with code LOVE (or you can be less corny if you want!)

Alternatively if you don’t like Valentine’s Day – talk about that! A great opportunity to share some personal insights. 

15 Singles Awareness Day

Yes, this is a real thing! For all the singles that hated Valentine’s Day, the next day is theirs. 

Celebrate all the singles in your community this day.

Consider gifting them all a special offer.

You could put a fun twist by promoting all your products for one, if relevant to your business! 

20 National Love Your Pet Day

My dogs are my children and I know I’m not the only crazy dog lady out there! If you have pet products this is a great opportunity for you to encourage (read guilt) owners into buying them a gift.

If you don’t have pet-related products you can still use this day to encourage great engagement on your posts and increase your organic reach.

Suggested Posts:

  • Today is National Love Your Pet day, how will you spoil your pet today?
  • Encourage your community to share a photo of their pet (there is nothing we enjoy more than sharing photos of our fur babies)

23 Oscar Night

Oscars is a great opportunity for fashion businesses to incorporate posts into the big day.

You could start this a week out and do a whole range of posts in the lead up to the Oscars.

Suggested Posts:

  • Suggested Oscars outfits
  • Oscar worthy outfits
  • Our favourite outfits from the Oscars
  • Oscars hit and miss – share your opinion and position yourself as a fashion expert or just have a little fun with it
  • Ask your audience their favourite outfits from the Oscars
  • Ask your audience what they would wear to the Oscars
  • Ask your audience who would be by their side as their date to the Oscars, if they could pick anyone and which <your brand> outfit they would be wearing

29 Sydney Mardi Gras Parade

Post your rainbows far and wide and show your support for the LGTBIQ community during the biggest Mardi Gras in Australia. 

Please note this is a day of celebration for the community so if you’re not in support, this is not the day to post. 

Well there you have it some of the top days in February to incorporate into your 2020 content calendar. If I’ve missed a day you think should be there let me know in the comments below. 

Want to plan ahead for your 2020 content calendar? Download our full 12 month 2020 eCommerce planner below.


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