The exact blueprint

to grow your

online store

  & consistently sell $10k+ a month


You’re frustrated because you know with all your heart and soul that your product is amazing.

When people do buy from you, they really love it.But… you feel like your store is the best kept secret on the internet.


Maybe you’ve heard Facebook ads can help but you’re confused and overwhelmed by how to make them work for your store?

You’re disheartened by the number of people who visit your website, only to leave without buying.

You have 101 things on your to do list but none of them seem to be helping.


When you decided to open your online store this is not what you imagined
It sounds like you are ready to FINALLY change all of that.

and that is why we are inviting you to join

eComm Ignitor is the complete eCommerce marketing program to help you sell more on your online store.

Designed to give you the exact blueprints you need to turn your online store into a profit-generating machine and go from overwhelmed to unstoppable!

Imagine THIS

Your website attracts a steady flow of customers who spend money, tell their friends about you and best of all buy from you again and again.

You generate heaps of free traffic and sales from magnetic organic marketing and social media.

You have a Facebook ads strategy in place that generates a consistent flow of visitors and purchasers to your site.

You know what the big brands are doing to grow, scale and succeed?
(hint: it’s not expensive or complicated once you have the formula)​

You can make educated decisions on how to grow your business as your revenue is consistently growing each and every month

Ready to grow your online store with an easy to follow blueprint to eCommerce success?

Inside the eComm Ignitor Program…

You will receive the marketing methods, processes and strategies you’ve been wanting to grow your online store with an easy to follow blueprint.

I almost don’t want to share just how good this course is because I feel like I have a secret advantage over other e-commerce stores” – Kim

Let’s take a look at what you’re going to learn

eComm Ignitor includes 8 core training modules. All course materials including the lesson videos, workbooks, checklists and templates are housed within our online portal.


Everything in eComm is literally just numbers. You can track and measure everything – but that doesn’t mean you should.

In this module you will learn:

  • Which are the important numbers to measure
  • How to install tracking tools
  • The exact formulas to calculate your performance
  • How to plan for profit and growth


    If you try to be everything to everyone, you will be nothing to no-one.

    In this module you will learn:

    • How to get valuable insights from your existing high value customers
    • Tech tools to find hidden insights on your audience
    • How to get crystal clear on who is going to spend money with you


    People don’t buy your product, they buy what it will do for them and how it will make them feel.

    In this module you will learn:

    • The framework that we use to get really clear on  messaging
    • What to say to get your audience to buy without feeling sold to
    • How to create a message library to use throughout your marketing


    Perhaps the biggest mistake we see people make in their business is they drive traffic to a website that isn’t ready for it. It’s like turning on a tap without having any buckets in place to capture the water.

    In this module you will learn:

    • How to optimise your website for traffic
    • How to make sure you’re ready to turn visitors into customers
    • All the techy stuff you need to get right


    Have you ever forgotten to post content for a few days – or even weeks? Or maybe you just post something in the moment, without thinking about your strategy? 

    In this module you will learn:

    • How to create an easy to follow content schedule
    • How to post content that is unique, magnetic and engaging
    • How to authentically align people with you brand and your product


    If Facebook or Instagram disappeared what would happen to your business? You own your email list and email converts. 

    In this module you will learn:

    • How to setup automated email sequences
    • How to deliver broadcasts based on your current campaigns and content schedule
    • How to write emails that get people to buy without feeling sold to


    Once your site is ready for traffic is time to turn those taps on!

    You are ready for Facebook ads.

    In this module you will learn:

    • How to setup Facebook ads specifically for eComm
    • How to retarget people so they come back and buy
    • How to test, measure and tweak your ads so they make you a positive return on investment


    Once you have your audience nailed, your messaging right, website traffic ready and Facebook ads up and running it’s time to optimise everything and scale!

    In this module you will learn:

    • Ongoing daily, weekly and monthly tasks
    • How to review and tweak your Facebook ads
    • How to scale your Facebook ads
    • Bonus ad campaigns

    Meet Kim Burbridge

    “Before eComm Ignitor I felt lost, frustrated, overwhelmed and out of my depth.

    After doing this course I now feel Unstoppable!

    I feel confident, knowledgeable, successful and totally equipped to smash our goals!

    The investment is worth every cent!

    If you are someone who wants to know how to take control of your online business, Karyn and Megan will absolutely guide you through how, why and what and all that is left is for you to follow through.

    I almost don’t want to share just how good this course is because I feel like I have a secret advantage over other e-commerce stores, but there is room for everyone to succeed!

    I knew it was just what I needed to get our little business out into the world, and I was right!”

    “After a killer BFCM campaign and continuing sales this week I am certainly feeling unstoppable! The course was absolutely incredible, not to mention the ongoing support. Huge thanks to you Megan and Karyn for everything you do”

    “I really had no idea I would be able to learn so much technology and new skills to use across the business and feel very lucky to have come across Megan, Karyn and the Ecommerce Ignitor Programme”

    Meet Gina Galvin

    “Before eComm Ignitor I felt quite lost and overwhelmed.  I was working very hard but had no real plan or strategy for the business, trying to juggle and do everything myself.  Sourcing products, website design, social media, marketing, packaging, selling, customer service etc. etc.  I knew I had good products and really believed in what I wanted to do, but just didn’t know how to go about it.

    After doing this course I now feel so much more in control and confident about what I’m doing.  I still have a lot to learn and implement, but I now feel I know how to plan, manage my time and work much more efficiently.  How to break large tasks down into smaller chunks and follow through. How to plan Social Media, ad campaigns and promotions and take advantage of the important times throughout the year.

    Ecommerce Ignitor is extremely comprehensive and full of information on every subject you could think of for eCommerce. You will need to schedule time each week for digesting the course material and putting the teachings into practice.  However, you will have lifetime access to the material so you can go back and re-read/re-watch material at any time – you will always learn something new.

    Megan and Karyn are such talented and giving mentors.  They go out of their way to be available to help, make the material clear and easy to understand and it’s really good fun.”

    Meet Elizabeth Bettridge

    “Before eComm Ignitor I felt overwhelmed, lost and confused in the world of e-commerce.

    Wow I have learnt soooo much. Sorted out issues with my website, learnt about emailing, Messaging, Social Media and finally Facebook Ads.

    What an amazing journey. It continues but this is a fabulous start.

    To anyone who is thinking about doing the course I would say DO IT. Yes it costs money but it is an investment for the future of your business.

    It is a brilliant course as long as you are an “action taker”. There is no point in only “listening”.

    The rewards of learning are always HUGE.”

    “I wanted to share a big WIN that i feel is a direct result of this program. I ran a targeted campaign for my business for 3 days and invested $69. The return on that 3 day ad is now sitting at $5100.”

    Rylee Venables

    Owner, Ju Ju Tea

    “What I need is a time machine. What others need is to find you at the start of their e-comm journey. I’ve been adding up how much I’ve wasted on other people/services who didn’t have the expertise I needed.”


    Owner, Zurii

    “Sales are definitely increasing… I really didn’t understand how much there is to eCommerce… you’ve saved me so much time”. Tracey went on to have her best month ever straight out of Ignitor and smashed her monthly target by 180%!

    Tracey Hickmott

    Owner, Natural Approach



    ($5,000 value)

    You’ll get access to all 8 core training modules, all course materials including the lesson videos, workbooks, checklists and templates – everything you need to start selling $10k+ per month on your online store.

    Implementation Modules showing you how to sell more on your online store.
    Tech and Tools you need and how to access and activated them. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be techy at all.

    Videos, templates, workbooks and checklists so you know exactly what you need to to. 

    12 Weeks of live support calls

    ($3,600 value)

    Every week you’ll be able to have your questions answered by an Ignitor coach in the private student group calls. This is your opportunity to ask questions, discuss ideas and learn from others.


    Our Client Copy Sheet

    Megan really was hesitant to give this away. This is the exact template formula she uses for our high paying clients! 

    Take the guesswork out of your Facebook ad copy and simply plug and play our top performing copy into your own Facebook ads. 

    Great copy can make all the difference to your Facebook ad results.

    Value: Priceless (we would never sell this!)

    Yours free before the timer runs out! 

    Time left on free copy template offer:

    Plus, these incredible bonuses...

    Bonus One

    Shopify Toolkit

    This is our little black book of Shopify! We outline our favourite tried and tested Shopify themes and extensions. 

    We list our favourite apps for carts, bundles, order bumps and more so you can cut through the long list of options available and get straight to the ones that work. 

    Value $297

    Bonus Two

    Ready To Use Trust Icons

    With these ready to use trust icons, you'll be able to instantly add trust and credibility to your website.

    • Free shipping icons
    • Guarantee icons
    • Handmade icons
    • Secure checkout icons
    • Plus many more!

    Value $197

    Bonus Three

    The Perfect Page Blueprint

    Our blueprint for the perfect page layout for optimal conversions. Includes the following pages:

    • Home page
    • Category pages
    • Product pages
    • Cart page

    Value $197

    Bonus Four

    Beautiful Stock Image Library

    Get free access to the Atelier 21 beautiful stock image library. Ready to use photos perfect for your social media posts and Facebook ads.

    3 Months access to the full library of 2500+ images!

    Value $350

    When you add it all up, that's a value of over $9,641

    But when you enrol today, you'll get access for just:

    All pricing in Australian Dollars and includes GST for Australian residents.

    Unstoppable U Alumni Celebrations

    Colleen Jackson

    Before eComm Ignitor I felt overwhelmed.
    I was already over 12 months into my business and I had done a lot of research. I knew a lot of what should be done and had made a start at some of it.
    But there is so much!!
    I didn't know where I should put my focus or what was important or what could wait or what shouldn't.

    After doing this course I now feel confident.
    And under control (most of the time). Although I've still not implemented everything I know what needs to be done and the priority of it.

    If you're serious about your business and know you have a great product but don't know how to progress it, I'd say DO THE COURSE!.
    But there is a disclaimer to this.

    You need to do the work. All the work - and there is a lot of it. The course starts slow(ish), but ramps up, so keep up. Even if you think it's not relevant to you, still do the work. You might be surprised what becomes relevant.

    Have some faith.
    It all comes together in the end and if you've done the work it makes it all a whole lot easier.

    By nature I question everything but these guys are excellent teachers. Their training videos are comprehensive and easily understood. You're left with an extensive library of information that continues to grow and be updated.

    My advice ... rip into it.

    Yes, we offer a 14-day risk-free guarantee

    Let us tell you something.

    eComm Ignitor is the most comprehensive program that shows you how to sell more on your online store.

    Here’s the thing. We want you to be happy.

    If you don’t feel totally confident and happy with the program, after 14 days you can reach out, show us the work you’ve done and we’ll happily refund your investment.

    What our successful students asked before joining eComm Ignitor

    Q: How long do I have access to the content for?

    A: You have lifetime access to the learning portal so you can access it as many times as you like, whenever you like. It never expires.

    Q: How is the content delivered?

    A: The content all lives in one private online portal which you will have a login to. Each module has videos, workbooks, and (where applicable) templates and screen share explainer videos. 

    Q: How much time will I need to invest in the course?

    A: This is a self-paced course meaning you can do it whenever and where ever you like. Plus you get lifetime access to the content so there is no rush.

    Q: Is there a payment plan?

    A: Yes, instead of paying in one lump sum you can pay in 3 smaller amounts, however, an admin fee is included in the amount.

    Q: Can I still get support if I need it?

    A: Yes, as a student of Unstoppable U you can purchase one on one support at discounted rates.

    Q: Which website platforms do you cover?

    A: Most of the content is relevant, regardless of which website platform you are using, however for the technical setup of pixels and Facebook ad integration we will be showing examples using both Shopify and WordPress with WooCommerce. 

    MEET YOUR Unstoppable  TRAINERS

    Megan Winter

    Hey, I’m Megan. 

    I strongly believe the world doesn’t need more mass-produced crap. I am committed to using my eCommerce super-powers for good and love helping ethically-produced, heart-centred, soul-driven online stores to achieve more income and make more impact.

    I’ve worked with global brands such as Lexus and Heineken, I’ve spoken internationally, mentored other agency owners and been given an ADMA award for data-driven digital marketing and advertising.

    Karyn Parkinson

    Hi I’m Karyn, Karyn with a Y! When I’m not behind a computer you’ll find me at the beach with my husband and 2 Labradoodles or hitting the Rollery Derby track as Pink Fury.

    I help businesses, big and small, to grow traffic to their site and increase their bottom line.

    My passion, however, lies in teaching small business owners to do it for themselves. I made so many mistakes with my first business and wasted soooo much money! I love being able to share my knowledge and stop others making the mistakes I did.