Creating your own dream board

When people sign up to our program, their aim is to sell more on your online store.

“But WHY do you want to sell more on your online store?”

This is one of the first things we ask our eComm Ignitor students.

This question is applicable to almost every aspect of your business and life so I thought I’d write this article to help you determine your why.

When you’re looking at a goal ask yourself what will achieving that goal mean for you, your family, your mission, your life?

A really powerful video on this is Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk.

Can you see why that’s had over 43 million views on youtube? 

Take some time to really think about your why. 

If you have a compelling WHY, you will be able to push through and keep focusing on the things that are going to get you closer to your dream. 

Now there are dreams and there are goals. 

Our dreams are our desires. Goals are how we are going to make our dreams a reality. 

We often jump to setting goals, because often this is the easier part. But our goals can be empty and meaningless if we don’t have a WHY behind them. 

In our program, we will give our students knowledge and tools and activities to sell more on their online store. But what we can’t give them, is their why. 

So that is why we encourage them to take the time to express their why. 

Here’s how to define your why:

Firstly, jot down what it is that you want. What does your ideal day look like? What makes you burst with joy? Do not limit yourself by what is possible or reasonable. Look into your heart and give yourself permission to express what it is that you really want. 

This can be a challenging exercise because sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between what you truly want – or something you think you should want. Or it has been for me anyway. I remember having a car on my dream board for years. I would look at it and feel nothing. I had it on there because I allowed others to define what success meant to me. A nice car means nothing to me, but I thought it SHOULD be there. I have now replaced that image with things that really light me up – like camping on the beach and helping orphaned children get to school each month

Ok, so before we dive into the tools and tactics of how to sell more on your online store we want you to create a dream board. 

Here’s how to create your dream board:

  1. Spend some time to articulate what it is you want. I like to think about what I want in the different areas of my life: family, fitness, finance, friends, fun, future direction, career/business and impact or legacy. 
  2. Find images and words that represent your why. Choose your images carefully. You want them to really spark joy within you. If they don’t, find another image. You can do this by going through magazines – or searching Pinterest and Google images
  3. Put it all together on a board. You can simply use a pinboard, piece of cardboard or a photo frame. Or you could do it digitally and use a PowerPoint, Google slide or even Canva to arrange your images and words. It is important that you display it somewhere that you will see it every day so if you create it digitally, be sure to print it and stick it on your wall. 

Once you have created your dream board, take a pic and share it in the group so we can celebrate you taking action. 

Written by Megan Winter

Megan is an award-winning marketer and has worked with some of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands in the world.

Megan loves helping ethically-produced, heart-centred, soul-driven online store owners to make more income and achieve more impact. 

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