How to create & distribute engaging content to sell more on your online store

Our wish for you is to have a content strategy that delivers consistent, magnetic and engaging content.

Your content needs to align with your brand, your messaging and your audience.

Your content strategy needs to get people so in love with your brand that they buy just to get a happy-hit.

 We’re going to let you in on a little secret here. Ok?

Humans buy from humans.

Sure you have an online store and people are buying through their laptop, iPad or phone, but they are still human and here’s where we create a human-to-human connection that ensures your competitors can’t copycat your products. Because they aren’t you.

You are going to approach your content strategically and holistically and have a plan in place so that you never have to feel overwhelmed or unsure when it comes to content creation.

Your content plan needs to have the perfect balance of user-generated content, brand ambassadors, influencers and images, videos and words that you create yourself.

You want to create content that resonates so strongly with your target audience and makes them feel like you know exactly what they are feeling, thinking and wanting.

When people walk into a physical shop they use all of their senses to experience the product. They touch and feel, they smell, they taste (if relevant!) and of course, they look.

People don’t have this opportunity through the computer screen. They can only see what you show them. Then they use their imagination to sense the rest.

How will it feel? How will it smell? How will it look on me?

 Do this for a moment:

 Picture you going to the fridge and grabbing a lemon. Now cut it in half. You can see how juicy it is. Now imagine yourself licking the lemon.

 What just happened to your taste buds and salivary glands?


Woman licking lemon


You want to evoke all the senses through the computer screen.

So how do you evoke the senses in your eCommerce marketing?

  • Show videos of people touching, tasting, smelling. This way people can imagine themselves doing it.
  • Show images of a range of people using your product, including user-generated content.
  • Show images of your product being used in a lifestyle context, not just on a white background.

Now’s the time to be sensational.

Something else we want you to remember when developing your content strategy is that it’s ok to redistribute content. Say you share a video telling your story, you can strip that and create a video to share on Facebook, you can strip that and share in it your IG posts, you can link to that in your stories.

This might feel repetitive to you. Well, guess what? Marketing is repetitive. If you feel like you are repeating yourself – congratulations you are marketing!

Once you have nailed your content strategy, you need to make sure your content gets to the right places, at the right time, to the right eyeballs.

By now you’re tracking all of your important numbers (right!? Click here if you haven’t read our article 10 eCommerce metrics you must track and measure). So as you track and measure your numbers you will know what communication drives the best results – not only that but you’ll also know when is the best time, and who is the best audience segment.

Something else to keep in mind throughout this process is that we want to go deep on a few platforms, rather than spread too thinly across all and every platform. You only have a limited amount of jam. You can either make one really awesome sandwich, or a whole loaf of shitty ones.

So, make sure you have a consistent content strategy and solid system in place that ensures that just because you’re busy packing orders, your posts still go out when they should.

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