Little Tots Treasures

Little Tots Treasures

Lyndal Smith


Little Tots Treasures is a children and baby boutique specialising in quality products.

Since enrolling in eComm Ignitor Lyndal has grown both her confidence and her business.

When I first found out I was pregnant in 2020 my first purchase was from Lyndal at Little Tots Treasures. She has such a beautiful range it was hard to choose but I still remember picking a gorgeous little elephant rattle and some milestone cards to celebrate each moment.

Little Tots Treasures is designed to help you explore the world of creativity, fun and education with the little people in your life.

Little Tots Treasures is a shopping haven for those looking for the more traditional option when selecting your gifts.

Stocking a range of unique toys and gifts, Little Tots Treasures has everything from classic wooden toys, puzzles, soft toys, back to school supplies and much more. Not only will you be impressed with the quality, range and price they also make your shopping experience an enjoyable one with good old-fashioned service.

“Over the years I have wasted a bucket load of $$ on useless training. I have to say that the investment I made for eComm Ignitor was worth every cent, especially knowing that I will have lifetime access. I will be revisiting the training regularly to continue implementing and improving my strategies. If I could turn back time this would be the ONLY program I would have needed. Just DO IT and watch both your confidence and business grow.”


Lyndal has a brick and mortar store in Goondiwindi QLD and over the last few years has focused on setting up an online store which not only showcases her beautiful range but brings the same high level of customer service as her customers receive in store.

Little Change Creators

Little Change Creators

Student spotlight little change creators unstoppable ecommerce

Paige McInnes

Little change creators sells eco-friendly re-usable colouring in mats that can be used just about anywhere.

Paige used our free Homepage Blueprint to create her website

In an era where screens are used more than ever to entertain kids, Paige, from Little Change Creators, went looking for an alternative. 

Little did she know, that her search would turn into a whole new business venture. 

She embarked on creating something safe for kids, good for the environment and could be used in just about any location.

Now, I know that you are thinking this might seem a little impossible, but Paige made it into a reality. 

She developed a range of products to spark creativity and raise the next generation of changemakers!

Her brand’s flagship Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Sets are made from premium materials, including food-grade silicone, non-toxic, low-odour inks and FSC-certified repurposable packaging. This means they are eco-friendly and 100% child-safe.

student spotlight little change creators unstoppable ecommerce
student spotlight little change creators unstoppable ecommerce

It’s more than being able to drink a hot, uninterrupted cup of coffee to Paige. She also wanted to give back. So Paige partnered with Little Dreamers Australia and donates products to kids who provide unpaid care to family members with a disability, addiction or chronic illness. 

Her need to create mindful, safe, convenient and repeat-play entertainment for kids while on the go turned into a booming business! And we are so happy to have been a small part of that. 

“Unstoppable eCommerce has been a great source of no-fluff business information. [The]Homepage Blueprint was especially helpful when trying to design my first website. Thank you! :-)”

Sick of all the fluffy marketing and eComm advice out there, she was on the hunt for something simple, easy, practical and resourceful. 

That’s exactly what she found with Unstoppable eCommerce.

Jacqueline Kalab Beauty

Jacqueline Kalab Beauty

Jacqueline Kalab

Jacqueline Kalab is by makeup artist to the stars and sells makeup and specialty brushes she’s developed.

Jacqueline increased her revenue by 800% and turned her online store into a thriving business

On the outside, Jacqueline’s work looked like a dream. Brushing shoulders (and faces) of celebrities, jet-setting around for work and attending some pretty flash events. 

But what happened to a make-up artist when the pandemic hit? An abrupt stop and loss of income. 

That’s where Jacqueline found herself in 2020. Almost instantly 18 months of work was cancelled. 

Jacqueline had already been working for almost 7 years to get her eCommerce business, Jacqueline Kalab Beauty, off the ground but just couldn’t get the traction she needed. So, when her work stopped, she had no other option than to put all her energy into her online business. 

Jacqueline did something amazing…well two things. She had taken her years of experience and training to develop a specially designed magic foundation brush (more like a magic wand!) and amazing line of makeup products PLUS she decided to enrol in eComm Ignitor®. 

After starting eComm Ignitor, she was amazed at how it “took me through every step of the way…It wasn’t just Facebook ads, it wasn’t just how to write copy, it wasn’t just one part of it – it was a complete process and a complete program for eCommerce success”. 

After implementing some of the learnings from the course – she watched her website conversion rate go from 1% to 8%! But it doesn’t stop there. 

“With eComm Ignitor I went from not being able to live off my business at all, to having my business being able to support me over the last 2 years.”

“If I could only do one course to help my eComm business, it would absolutely be eComm Ignitor. It’s pretty much taken me from not having a clue with eCommerce to having a very successful business and growing.”

So if you are ready to see your business become your income support – consider our eComm Ignitor® course. You’re A-Z eComm course that will help you get your eCommerce business not only off the ground but booming!

Students also get access to a makeup tutorial by Jacqueline on how to get your makeup ready for filming your video content! 

If you’re looking for makeup with beautiful coverage and a brush that helps it glide on effortlessly I can highly recommend Jacqueline’s products as a happy customer myself! 

Tina’s Love of Crochet

Tina’s Love of Crochet

Student Spotlight Tinas Love of Crochet Unstoppable eCommerce

Tina Barbosa

Tina’s Love of Crochet sells all your needed crochet supplies and teaches you exactly how to crochet

Tina found her business confidence and noticed an increase in sales

Crocheting was more than yarn for Tina – it was a bit of an obsession! She started out doing it all for fun but little did she know that she would catch CROJO (aka Crochet mojo) and turn it into a business!

Tina picked up her first hook shortly after having her first bub to help create a calming and relaxed environment to help her through Postnatal Depression. After only one year of practice, she wanted to share her new found joy with others in the hopes of helping other women out there that might be struggling with mental health. 

So, she started running small, local crochet classes aimed at creating a fun and relaxed environment. This quickly grew into daily classes around Melbourne, VIC, but, more importantly, they developed into an amazing community and friendships. 


Student Spotlight Tinas Love of Crochet Unstoppable eCommerce
Student Spotlight Tinas Love of Crochet Unstoppable eCommerce

But still, Tina was a little “lost and frustrated” on how to grow her online store so she could spend a little more time running classes and actually crocheting! So she turned to Unstoppable eCommerce to help her out. 

After completing the eComm Ignitor course in 2021, she felt “confident and knowledgeable” and saw a noticeable “increase of sales because of customer awareness.”

Now, she helps people near and far to grow their love of crocheting with her locally run classes, online yarn and crochet supplies and never-ending inspirations.

So, if you are considering taking your online store to the next level, don’t take our word for it, take Tina’s:

“Definitely worth it! So much valuable content.”

 Click here if you are keen to learn more about eComm Ignitor. 

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with mental health, please reach out to Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 or visit

“Definitely worth it! So much valuable content.”

eComm Ignitor is for those ready to take that next step in the business, transform their own knowledge and create an Unstoppable eCommerce brand! Find out more over here.

Bask and Bloom

Bask and Bloom

Katrina MacAllan

Bask & Bloom sell handmade soaps and skincare to celebrate women of all ages and help them embrace their natural beauty.

Katrina enrolled in eComm Ignitor and has since tripled her online store revenue

Women over 45 are a big market often flooded with anti-ageing serums and beauty products. Katrina from Bask & Bloom has a different approach. Instead of trying to reduce the signs of ageing, she celebrates them and is helping women embrace their natural beauty.

You may ask how? Through celebrating the skin in her handmade soap and skincare range.

As a qualified naturopath, herbalist and aromatherapist, Katrina saw an opening in the market where older women were ignored and undervalued in the skincare industry.

Kicking off her business making soaps, it turned into a whole business that has ventured to shower caps, gift boxes and salt scrub bars. But she didn’t get there alone.

Katrina started the eComm Ignitor course with us in August 2020. She wanted to expand, grow and really start to convert on her website. That’s where she started to implement her learnings from the course and it really did pay off.

Katrina’s website now remains consistent at a 4% conversion rate and has been known to hit 10% in peak promotion times.

 Unstoppable eCommerce has helped her online store revenue triple (yes that’s x3) since completing her studies and implementing the learnings.

The impact doesn’t stop there.

Having this growth in revenue has enabled her to become clear on who she is and even take her business to the next level. Having recently undergone a rebrand, she now has more power to help change the skincare industry and provide older women with the support they need.

You can find Bask & Bloom on most social media platforms and don’t forget to sign up for the Dahlia Journal which gives weekly mini beauty ideas, tips and inspiration.

Es Una

Es Una

Lyndal Es Una Student Sportlight

Lyndal Sterenberg


Es Una sells swimwear designed to provide comfort, coverage and confidence.

Lyndal found out how important our 3 second test is and how important external testing is

Who doesn’t love swimmers that feel like sausage skin? Well, 90% of Australian ladies that’s who! 

Lyndal, along with 70% of other women, dreamed of being the sunscreen slopping, rashie wearing, picture of good sun protection – role models for their kids. But the options were low and the sausage skin rashie vests were on the out. 

Hit play on the quest to find the perfect rashie that didn’t feel like you were swimming in latex. 

Lyndal was instantly motivated to deliver a smarter swimwear solution that delivered comfortable, sun-protective swimwear that builds confidence while at the beach or lounging by the pool. 

That’s how Es Una was created in 2016.

Named after the brightest, most intelligent and practical go-getter she knew…her grandmother…the brand took on her sense of readiness, gusto and enjoyment in life’s daily activities. 

Shortly after launching her swimwear range, Lyndal discovered us, Unstoppable eCommerce. 

Es Una Student Spotlight Unstoppable eCommerce
Es Una Student Spotlight Unstoppable eCommerce

After enrolling in the eComm Ignitor course, she was able to see her business differently and started to truly understand the importance of “fresh eyes”. 

Lyndal continues to implement our infamous “3-second test”, claiming it “is a must to regularly do, so that all the tweaking and improvements you think are ‘right’ can be validated from an external point of view.” 

Es Una’s creator found the course to be easy to follow and quick to implement. The best part was that she had great results in only a few weeks. 

Lyndal continues to implement our infamous “3-second test”, claiming it “is a must to regularly do, so that all the tweaking and improvements you think are ‘right’ can be validated from an external point of view.”

If you want to learn a little more about the 3 second test or the eComm Ignitor course, check it out here. eComm Ignitor is for those ready to take that next step in the business, transform their own knowledge and create an Unstoppable eCommerce brand!