2 reasons to be more like broccoli


 I was recently talking to a wonderful client, Karen from Verde, about why consistently showing up on socials is so important. 

She said something so great that I wanted to share it with you today. 

She said “so it’s like broccoli?” 

You know I love a good analogy so in today’s blog, I’m going to give this broccoli analogy my all… plus a bonus reason to be more like broccoli in your marketing. 

Two broccoli analogies for the price of one… let’s go!


Reason #1 to be more like broccoli: The more you see it, the more you like it

Broccoli? Huh? 

When I asked Karen what she meant by likening showing up on social media consistently to broccoli she said “Yeah, you have to give kids broccoli 13 times before they’ll like it”. 

This reminded me of a classic persuasion technique, which is repetition, repetition, repetition. 

The more you see it, the more you like it. 

It’s why I also say: 

If you feel repetitive, congratulations, you’re marketing. 

If you’ve listened to our podcast episode with Karen from Verde, you’ll know that Karyn (from Unstoppable) disagrees with this because she’s eaten broccoli more than 13 times and still doesn’t like it… 

And that leads me to my next broccoli related analogy… 

Reason #2 to be more like broccoli: some people just don’t like broccoli. And that’s fine. 

When you have a unique, magnetic and engaging brand, you are not going to appeal to everyone. In fact, some people will dislike you. And that’s a good thing. 

Broccoli doesn’t try to be another vegetable. It straight-up owns being broccoli and doesn’t try to please everyone. “Don’t like broccoli? See-ya!” lol.

As I explained in a previous blog, most online store owners have a massive case of FOMO when it comes to being really specific about who their target audience is… and therefore how they show up.  But if you try to be everything to everyone you will be nothing to no one. 

If you try to make your messaging appeal to everyone you will ultimately have messaging that is too weak, too diluted and just won’t resonate with anyone. 

Not only do you risk not attracting anyone – but you also risk attracting the wrong people, and ultimately people who won’t love your product. 

So the moral of these two vegetable related analogies…. 

Show up consistently and be proudly you.

Megan Winter

Megan is an inspiring, brilliant and fun digital marketer and has worked with some of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands in the world.

Megan loves helping purpose-driven online store owners to make more income and achieve more impact. 


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