Ep. 110 – The journey of the Holistic Ingredient with Amy Crawford

Ep. 110 – The journey of the Holistic Ingredient with Amy Crawford


12 years ago, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome knocked Amy Crawford off her feet. It was a major curveball that changed everything in her life. She had to leave her corporate career and start over at 40.

But as she healed, she discovered a healthy, holistic, and joy-seeking lifestyle that there was no turning back from.

Amy started to learn about whole foods, mindfulness, and how to conquer her self-doubt and limiting beliefs. She qualified as a health coach, hypnotherapist, EFT and CTC therapist, and supported women and children for over a decade in her therapy practice.

Fast forward 10 years, Amy started an eCommerce business, The Holistic Ingredient selling her own marine collagen, greens and maca blends and a curated range of holistic lifestyle products.

In this episode Amy shares the journey from starting an Instagram account and blog in the early days, sharing food photos before it was cool, being an early influencer for other brands and how she then transitioned into product manufacturing and curating a store of other people’s products that aligned with her lifestyle.

Amy enrolled in the eComm Ignitor program in June 2022 and has since increased her website conversion rate from 0.5% to over 2%, increased her average order value by over 25% and grown her revenue by 500%. Amy shares what is working right now in her business and what she does to drive growth in her sales.


Episode Highlights

  1. Amy talks about how the Holistic Ingredient started. (2:39)
  2. How long did it take for Amy to introduce the Holistic Ingredient? (5:31)
  3. How does Amy Decide what goes in the store and what doesn’t? (13:24)
  4. Amy’s take on why people buy her product? (14:10)
  5. The Most Important Marketing Strategies in Achieving Growth. (15:20)
  6. Amy Gives Advice on how to grow your business. (28:25)
Ep. 109 – Q&A: Is it worth the money to invest in an eCommerce mentor

Ep. 109 – Q&A: Is it worth the money to invest in an eCommerce mentor


Corine Raymond submitted a question for me to answer on the podcast “Is it a waste of money to pay a fee of $4k to show you the ropes of Ecommerce, a training course”.

In this episode I’ll give you my answer! 

I have invested in many courses and mentors over the past 13 years to help me grow my business. Some have been amazing, and some have been a terrible waste of time and money.

I break down how to decide if it’s a good investment for you and how to do your own due diligence.

Investing in a mentor that’s a great fit for you can save you time, shortcut your success and give you a clear strategy to achieving your goals. 

I hope you can find someone who aligns with you and your brand to help you grow and scale your business.

If you vibe with me and you’d like a mentor for your business, check out eComm Ignitor, my 12 week live small group coaching program to help you grow and scale your eCommerce business.

Hurry, doors close Friday April 26.



Episode Highlights

  1. Karyn Talks About Her First eCommerce Business. (2:48)
  2. Investing can definitely save you money in the long run. (6:06) 
  3. Being an eCommerce Owner can be lonely. (9:34) 
  4. Karyn’s take on “ Is it worth spending money on an eCommerce training course.” (10:55)
Ep. 108 – How Spruce Craft Co tripled their revenue

Ep. 108 – How Spruce Craft Co tripled their revenue


Elise started Spruce Craft Co as an Etsy store in 2015. What once was a side hustle to her speech pathology career soon became her full time gig! 

After enrolling in eComm Ignitor in January 2020 Elise has gone on to triple her revenue (much more in pandemic times!) 

In this episode Elise shares her business journey and how she’s grown not one business, but 2 all while having 3 kids along the way!

Elise shares tips on what she does when she’s not in a creative mood to keep the business moving forward, her email and Facebook ad strategy and how she became more confident on camera.

We also chat about what it’s been like to move the business home from a warehouse to her garage.


Episode Highlights

  1. When did Spruce Craft Co Started? (1:37) 
  2. Biggest Growth in the business. (4:08)  
  3. What is Spruce Craft Co all about? (5:12) 
  4. Elise takes on paid adds strategy. (16:46) 
  5. Elise talks about her Facebook Group. (19:10) 
  6. Elise talks about what she love most about her business. (24:24) 
  7. One tip/hack that Elise use in her business. (25:09) 
  8. Elise Vission For her business. (26:44) 

Links Mentioned

Ep. 107 – How to troubleshoot your Facebook ads

Ep. 107 – How to troubleshoot your Facebook ads


When Facebook ads don’t perform as we’d like, sometimes it can be hard to know what’s going wrong. 

In this episode I’ve broken down the different stats to look at to see if the problem is with your ads, your website, your pricing or your tracking.

With so many variables it is important to deep dive into your stats so you know what’s working and what’s not.

Then you can optimise and keep going.

Facebook ads really can be an amazing tool for eCommerce brands once you have everything working to support them.

If you’d like help to make the most of your ads and amplify your results, be sure to join my for my live 5 Day Pathway to Profit Facebook Ad Challenge.


Episode Highlights

  1. How to troubleshoot Facebook Ads if things aren’t going as planned? (1:50)
  2. Soft Stats for Your Facebook Ads (2:08)
    1. CTR or click-through rate (2:22)
    2. CPC or cost per Click & CPM or cost per mention (2:34)
  3. Facebook Ads as an Auction Process (2:59)
  4. Check your conversion rate (6:14)
  5. Pricing issue (7:49) 
  6. Lifetime value of your customer (8:38)
  7. Pixel and Data (10:04)
  8. Test up the different creatives that you use (16:15)
  9. Tracking (16:46)

Link Mentioned:

Ep. 106 – Unlock the power of words with Anita Siek

Ep. 106 – Unlock the power of words with Anita Siek

Show Notes

Anita Siek is a lawyer turned serial entrepreneur. She’s a brand and business strategist, a copywriter, podcast host, and the CEO of Wordfetti.

Anita is a whiz at helping brands stand out and sell through the power of psychology, design-thinking and words.

In this episode we discuss all the elements of your business you can elevate with words from your product descriptions to your Facebook ads .

We discuss your brand voice and how you can find yours, *hint* it’s not “conversational”.

Anita shares the big mistakes most brands make when it comes to copy, and how you can avoid them.

We even talk about ChatGTP and how you can use it to improve your copy.

This is a must listen episode for all brands.


Episode Highlights

  1. What is Word Fetti? (1:27)
  2. What made Anita Siek transition from law to business strategy? (2:34)
  3. How can someone make their brand and product stand out? (7:28)
  4. What’s your brand voice? (14:30)
  5. How do we find our brand voice? (16:22) 
  6. Mistakes people make when writing a copy (19:38)
  7. What can you put in your email to stay in touch? (25:01)
  8. Tips for Writing Ad Copy (29:43)
  9. How does Anita feel about using Chat GPT? (32:43)