Ep. 79 – The Highs and Lows of Being First to Market With Bronwyn Kidd

Ep. 79 – The Highs and Lows of Being First to Market With Bronwyn Kidd


In this episode I’m joined by fellow Tasmanian business woman Bronwyn Kidd. Bronwyn founded sustainable home brand SUSTOMi back in 2016. SUSTOMi was among the first to market in Australia with beeswax wraps, long before they became an eco-friendly kitchen staple.

In today’s episode Browyn generously shares with us an unfiltered look into what it was like to launch a product first, only to be followed by so many others – including Kmart and Woolworths.

She shares with us mistakes she made along the way and what she would do differently next time – like paying herself more! 

Having been stocked in over 300 stores Bronwyn knows a thing or two about wholesaling and shares her top tips for gaining and keeping wholesalers for your brand. 

She also shares how she managed to run a successful company while only working 3 days a week. #LivingTheDream

Episode Highlights

  1. How did the brand SUSTOMi started [01:48]
  2. SUSTOMi’s marketing strategy [04:51]
  3. Advice for e-commerce businesses interested in wholesaling [08:26]
  4. The biggest challenges that Browynn face along the way  [18:08]
  5. Thing to consider when building a team [22:12] 
  6. Her regrets when building her business [26:19]

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Ep. 78 – How to Prepare Your Business for a Recession

Ep. 78 – How to Prepare Your Business for a Recession


Times are tough and there is a lot of uncertainty in the air. So while people are starting to tighten their purse strings how do you prepare your business and what should you be focusing on right now?

A recent survey by eCommerce review platform Yotpo found that 51% said news about the economy has them spending less.

69% of people said they were more likely to shop in store than they were a year ago.

More than half said they are spending less on electronics, home decor, clothing and accessories.

There were, however, some positives to come out of the survey with 82% of those surveyed saying they will still buy from their favourite brand. 

And more than 65% said they are willing to spend more for an item if it’s more convenient to buy. 

So in today’s episode I’m talking about how to grow your brand loyalty, generate repeat purchases and prepare your business for a potential recession.

Episode Highlights

  1. Recent eCommerce survey by Yotpo [01:49] 
  2. Building customer loyalty [03:28] 
  3. Creating an experience for yout customers [06:03] 
  4. Growing your community [09:08] 
  5. People buy from people [10:14] 
  6. How to make shopping more convenient [12:06] 

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Little Tots Treasures

Little Tots Treasures

Lyndal Smith



Little Tots Treasures is a children and baby boutique specialising in quality products.

Since enrolling in eComm Ignitor Lyndal has grown both her confidence and her business.

When I first found out I was pregnant in 2020 my first purchase was from Lyndal at Little Tots Treasures. She has such a beautiful range it was hard to choose but I still remember picking a gorgeous little elephant rattle and some milestone cards to celebrate each moment.

Little Tots Treasures is designed to help you explore the world of creativity, fun and education with the little people in your life.

Little Tots Treasures is a shopping haven for those looking for the more traditional option when selecting your gifts.

Stocking a range of unique toys and gifts, Little Tots Treasures has everything from classic wooden toys, puzzles, soft toys, back to school supplies and much more. Not only will you be impressed with the quality, range and price they also make your shopping experience an enjoyable one with good old-fashioned service.

“Over the years I have wasted a bucket load of $$ on useless training. I have to say that the investment I made for eComm Ignitor was worth every cent, especially knowing that I will have lifetime access. I will be revisiting the training regularly to continue implementing and improving my strategies. If I could turn back time this would be the ONLY program I would have needed. Just DO IT and watch both your confidence and business grow.”


Lyndal has a brick and mortar store in Goondiwindi QLD and over the last few years has focused on setting up an online store which not only showcases her beautiful range but brings the same high level of customer service as her customers receive in store.

Ep. 77 – How to Thrive in a Crowded Market With Lorna DOE

Ep. 77 – How to Thrive in a Crowded Market With Lorna DOE


Today I’m joined by Lorna Doe of Anchor & Arrow. 

Lorna worked in media for over 15 years but always had an entrepreneurial spirit and loved creating things for people.

6 years ago when her friends started getting pregnant she began searching for a beautiful and practical gift. She quickly realised that a baby swaddle was an essential item in every parent’s household, and something they rarely leave the house without.

Lorna began designing her own patterns and spent countless months sourcing the most beautiful organic bamboo cotton. After lots of quality testing and TLC, she turned her designs into baby swaddles which she gifted to all her friends. 

Her friends loved them and were soon wanting to buy them for their friends too! That’s when she realised how passionate she was about creating beautiful products for parents and Anchor and Arrow was born.

Today we discuss the last 6 years of growth and how she now has a warehouse, a team of 6 staff and a brick and mortar store with another location on the way.

We chat about how she approaches her marketing and what she does to stand out in a crowded market.

Lorna is so generous with sharing her knowledge of what it takes to have a successful eCommerce business.

Episode Highlights

  1. How Anchor & Arrow started [3:35 ]
  2. Critical point on how she started the business [8:23]
  3. How Anchor & Arrow first started their marketing [12:26]
  4. Anchor & Arrow’s popular tiktok video [16:29]
  5. The Anchor & Arrow Team [20:44]
  6. The next step for Anchor & Arrow[30:58]

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Ep. 76 – How Anna Van Dijk grew Lunchbox Mini from 20 monthly orders to 1,000

Ep. 76 – How Anna Van Dijk grew Lunchbox Mini from 20 monthly orders to 1,000


Anna Van Dijk bought Lunchbox Mini in 2018 after seeing an ad on Gumtree. They were averaging 20 sales a month and their entire stock fit in the boot of her car. 4 years on Anna has grown the business to 1,000 sales a month, outgrown her house and moved into a warehouse and has a team of 3. In today’s episode I chat with Anna about how she jumped head first into learning and what she’s done to grow the business to where it is today. 

Anna Van Dijk is a mum of two and owner of the online lunchbox store, Lunchbox Mini.

In 2018, after being a SAHM for 7 years, Anna stumbled across this small, home-run business for sale. She had no retail or sales experience, but loved cooking, baking, experimenting in the kitchen, and loved the idea of having a business she could run from home around her family. At the time, Lunchbox Mini had a small social media following and was turning over an average of 20 sales a month. Fast forward four years and Lunchbox Mini now has more than 45,000 followers on facebook, 35,000 on instagram, and has a highly engaged facebook group of more than 12,000 lunchbox packing mums. After outgrowing her spare bedroom, living room and garage, the business moved into its very own warehouse space in 2021 where it employs three staff and fulfills more than 1,000 orders every month.

Anna’s passion is making the job of packing lunches as easy, as organised, as efficient as possible for busy mums. And even more, she wants you to feel proud about the lunches you’re packing! With the help of her video tours, facebook lives, instagram stories and reels, Anna has been positioned herself as the industry leader in all things lunchboxes.

Who is Lunchbox Mini?

Lunchbox Mini is the home of easier, better, more organised lunches. Our range of high quality, on-trend lunchboxes, snack boxes, lunch bags, drink bottles & more will have you feeling more proud, more inspired, more in love with lunchtimes!

Episode Highlights

  1. What did she look for when starting the start up [01:58]
  2. What did she learn along the way [05:53] 
  3. People buy from people [08:01] 
  4. How she formed a community and marketing plans [09:17]

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