April Fools campaign inspiration & some key dos and don’ts


April is fast approaching which means, online store owners need to have our content all planned out – or at least have started thinking about it!

April Fools Day is a great opportunity to go a little crazy, have a little fun and be a bit silly.

A word of warning though. The backlash from a poorly executed April Fools Day campaign is no joke.

  • Don’t do anything that goes against your brand values
  • Do run your idea past multiple people including your annoying “devil’s advocate” friend
  • Don’t make light of a terrible situation or sad topic
  • Do have fun, resonate with your audience and be unique to you
  • Do go the extra mile and create a specific product landing page or blog page for your April Fools. Here’s a good example.

Let’s have a look at some April Fools Day campaigns from last year for inspiration:

So there you have it, some of our favourite 2019 April Fools Day Brand Campaigns for you to use as inspiration.

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