A sneak peek into our facebook ad campaigns

There is a lot of fear flying around at the moment due to Covid19. We’re hearing things like

  • “If you aren’t discounting, you aren’t competitive”
  • “People aren’t buying”
  • “I’m going to pause everything until this blows over because you can’t get good results at the moment”

Fear is really dangerous. Fear is contagious, and it is often worse than the thing that we’re initially afraid of.

Fear often comes from the unknown, so we wanted to get real with you and show you what’s happening for our clients.

Did you know that we also run a boutique Facebook Ads agency where we manage clients ad campaigns for them…

We wanted to lift the hood and give you a sneak peek into our current results.

Below are 2 screenshots from 2 very different accounts, with 2 different budgets.

We know there are a heap of numbers here, so what do you look at to make sense of it all?

  • Amount spent: this is how much was spent on Facebook ads
    Purchase conversion value: this is how much was made in sales on the website as a result of the ads
    ROAS: return on ad spend

Both of these accounts are NOT discounting, people are still buying, and they are getting good results.

So, if you have felt yourself slipping into a state of fear… breathe.

Surround yourself with evidence of success, abundance and positivity.

If you’d like to learn more about running Facebook ads for your online store, click here to take our FREE Facebook Ads Masterclass.


  1. Gaynor skiffington

    Hi I was wondering if you have a course after the one that I keep seeing as I have got my website logos etc done I have just finished a course similar to the one you have but I would love to work with you lovely ladies was wondering if there was any way I could discuss this with you guys looking forward to hearing back and hopefully being able to work together in some way cheers


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