4 eComm interviews you don’t want to miss

On our podcast we’ve interviewed some amazing online store owners who share awesome insights from their eCommerce journey. From how they started to where they are now, and everything in between.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing our latest episodes because we’d hate for you to miss them.

1. Building a Purpose-Driven Online Store With Kim From Burbridge + Burke

In this episode, we talk to Kim Burbridge about how she opened her bricks-and-mortar store in Nelson Bay with her wife Clair, while building her online store at the same— and how she did that as a self-confessed non-techy half of the pair. She also shares her tips on connecting with your audience, building a community, putting yourself in front of the camera and how storytelling has been such an important element to their online success.

2. The Ups and Downs of Running an Online Store With Ashley Longstaff From I Choose Me

In this recent podcast episode, Ashley Longstaff opens up about her journey to building an online store. She walks us through her corporate career, the challenges of being a working mum, and the mistakes that nearly crippled her business. She also goes into the steps she took to learn from her mistakes, highlighting the importance of making sure you are aligned with your vision and taking breaks when needed. 

3. Bricks & Mortar to Online Store With Karen Wagner From Verde

Karen Wagner, the founder of Verde, was one of our Ignitor students who later became one of our clients. She tells us how she navigated Verde’s transition into an online store during the pandemic. We also talk about how Facebook ads drive sales for their physical store and the importance of constantly testing, measuring, and tweaking your website.  Click here to listen to the full episode.

4. Social Enterprise eCommerce With Heather Rayside From for Dignity

In this episode, Heather Rayside, the founder of For Dignity, joins us on the show to talk about her social enterprise. She went through “reverse culture shock” after spending 8 years in Vietnam and now, she uses her online store to empower women and support her cause.

Heather walks us through her journey as an entrepreneur and shares the difficulties of balancing a mission with a business.

If you found this resource helpful, we have a list of equally awesome online store owners that we interviewed in the past. Click here to learn more.