Our 3 tier content formula

Having content that is unique, magnetic and engaging is critical to having a successful online store. But knowing exactly what content to produce can be tricky.

In today’s blog, we are going to share with you our 3 tier content formula that we use to grow our clients’ and students’ online stores. 

Our content formula consists of three tiers:

  1. Discover 
  2. Dream 
  3. Do

Each tier has different types of content that inspires your audience in different ways. 


This is where your potential customers discover your brand. You also discover who your audience is in this tier as they engage or interact with your content. 

Discover content: 

  • Inspires your audience to connect with your brand
  • Its job is to introduce and make a connection between you and your audience
  • Is at the top of funnel
  • Should make up approximately 40% of your content mix

Types of Discover content: 

  • Share your brand story including your why, your values and the people behind the brand
  • Problem focused education where you highlight the problem your brand solves
  • Engaging, sharable, relatable videos, memes, tips or questions. These don’t have to be brand-focused at all. 


This is where people start to imagine themselves with your product in their lives. 

Dream content: 

  • Inspires your audience to imagine themselves with your product
  • Its job is to strengthen the connection and create desirability between you and your audience
  • Is at the middle of funnel
  • Should make up approximately 40% of your content mix

Types of Dream content: 

  • Show your product in use in real life (lifestyle / in-context) 
  • Spotlight your products features, advantages and benefits
  • Build trust through reviews, user-generated content, before and after’s  and behind the scenes.


“Do” is all about taking action. They checkout, or don’t. 

Do content: 

  • Inspires your audience to take action. 
  • Its job is to get your audience to purchase.
  • Is at the bottom of funnel
  • Should make up approximately 20% of your content mix

Types of Do content: 

  • Call to actions 
  • Dynamic retargeting showing your audience the exact product they just added to cart (but didn’t buy) 
  • Incentives to purchase (use these sparingly) 

Once you have created your Discover, Dream, Do content you will use them in your organic content schedule using the 40/40/20% breakdown we outlined above, as well as in your paid media. In your paid media you will use the content in your funnel. You can read more about using the funnel here


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Comment and let us know if you found this helpful or if you have any questions.

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