3 rules of success for all eCommerce Entrepreneurs

When a new student enrols in eComm Ignitor, they are there to learn how to sell more on their online store. And we absolutely show them how to do this. 

But… it would be remiss of us if we didn’t also share a few guiding principles to get the most out of the course. Today, I’m sharing 3 of these rules of success with you, trusting it’s exactly what you need to hear today. 


3 rules for success for all eCommerce Entrepreneurs

1. Give yourself permission to be human

If you’re growing in life, you will feel stretched and challenged and that’s exactly what we want you to feel. Because magic doesn’t happen inside your comfort zone. 

There are going to be moments throughout your eCommerce journey that you may feel overwhelmed or frustrated. Growth brings resistance. A caterpillar can’t turn into a butterfly without struggle and resistance.    

I always tell our eComm Ignitor students, “If you do catch yourself feeling like you are out of your comfort zone, simply use this as feedback to know that you’re evolving and growing. Acknowledge this and celebrate this and know that a little resistance is a good thing. It means you’re growing!”

2. Perfection is the enemy of progress

As high-achieving eCommerce entrepreneurs and business owners, we often set very high standards for ourselves. We strive for perfection. But perfection is an illusion. It’s an unattainable goal. So instead of aiming for perfection, strive for progress.

3. Come with a beginners mindset

Another really common way we humans hold ourselves back is by thinking we know this already. If you hear something that you have heard before – great – now is your chance to either dive a little deeper and make it even better. 

If you dismiss something because you think you already know it, you will miss the opportunity to grow (which is exactly why our students invest in our program in the first place). So, we tell them to come with a beginner’s mind. We want to tell you the same thing and ask you to give yourself permission to learn something new from every single situation. 

Ok, so there you have it. A few simple yet powerful rules to set yourself up for success in this program. They were:

  1. Give yourself permission to be human and acknowledge when you feel uncomfortable use it as a cue that you’re growing and celebrate this. 
  2. Strive for progress, not perfection 
  3. Approach everything with a beginners mindset

So, I trust this was exactly what you needed to hear today. Comment and let me know what resonated – and if you have any rules of success to share with our community.

Megan Winter

Megan is an inspiring, brilliant and fun digital marketer and has worked with some of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands in the world.

Megan loves helping purpose-driven online store owners to make more income and achieve more impact. 

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