21 questions to ask yourself about 2021

There are only a few more days of 2021 and while it may be tempting to say good riddance and bye-bye to 2021, let’s use this time to process and unpack the year that was. This is so important because we want to move into 2022 armed with the lessons that 2021 provided us.

We do this process at the end of every year. You may remember it from last year, if you’ve been with us for a while. Whether this is your first time doing this, or if you did it with us last year, don’t miss out on the wisdom and so many lessons to be gained from taking a moment to process the year.

Are you ready to look 2021 square in the eyes and acknowledge it fully… how it impacted your life and your business? And are you ready to look towards the future and how we can step boldly into 2022? 

Grab a pen and paper and join us as we go through 21 questions for 2021.

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We’re looking forward to stepping boldly into 2022… but before we do… let’s reflect meaningfully on 2021.

Here are the 21 questions to ask yourself:

    1. What did you learn about the world?
    2. What did you learn about people?
    3. What has been your biggest challenge?
    4. What was your biggest win?
    5. What or who inspired you? (take a moment to tell them)
    6. What did you learn about your customers?
    7. What did you learn about your products?
    8. What did you learn about yourself?
    9. What new skills did you learn?
    10. What loss have you experienced this year?
    11. What have you gained this year?
    12. What are you most proud of yourself for this year?
    13. What is something you haven’t celebrated yet? (make sure you do celebrate it before rushing ahead to next year)
    14. If you could name 3 people who have supported you this year, who are they? (take a moment to tell them)
    15. If you could describe your business and life prior to everything that unfolded in 2021, how would it be?
    16. If you could create a vision for your life going into 2022, what would it be?
    17. What support would you need to enlist to make this a reality?
    18. What do you need to start doing to make this vision a reality?
    19. What do you need to stop doing to make this vision a reality?
    20. If you could choose one word to describe 2021, what would it be? 
    21. If you could choose one word to anchor your 2022 vision to, what would it be? 

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the beautiful lessons 2020 has to offer.

Here’s to embracing all that was 2020 and stepping boldly into the best year of your life.